nelou talks to (4): Asneh – A Good Karma Label with Scandinavian Roots
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The Rotterdam-based label creates fashion for independent and self-conscious women who want to show off their stylish feminine style. The synergy between Scandinavian aesthetics and those of more colourful cultures is central to each collection. At the heart of Asneh is love – love for quality, for well-thought design and a good karma.

Which three words sum up what Asneh stands for?

Elegance, quality and design.

What is the best thing about being a fashion designer?

The opportunity to turn creative ideas into something very concrete and specific.

Asneh showroom Nelou 2017
Showroom, Photo: Asneh

What motivated you to launch your brand?

I struggled to find cashmere that was unique, smart enough for work and good quality at a price range that was still possible to pay for most consumers, so I decided to start creating it myself. Furthermore, I really wanted to create a brand that has good karma. At the heart of Asneh is love. Love for quality, for well-thought design and a core belief that one can build a business on humane values.

Talking about advice, which one would you give to young designers who want to launch their own label?

Work hard, stay positive, trust your own gut-feeling.

What do you think was your breakthrough moment?

blogger and instagrammer AnnaRosLily wears Asneh, Photo: ANNAROSLILY

There have been several big moments, but the first one was probably when we were accepted at Scoop and showed together with London Fashion Week. This was a stamp of approval from fashion insiders. We are also proud that blogger and instagrammer AnnaRosLily is wearing Asneh and she loves it.

Where is your showroom?

Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

You live in Rotterdam. What do you love about the city?

There is a pulse and a real ‘can do’ mentality here, which I really love. It is also a very international place, which is great because you can get everything here, meet everyone and, of course, as a foreigner myself (I’m Danish) it makes it so easy to be part of the city.

From where do you find your inspiration?

From everywhere: travels, art, history and the world around me. I think it is very important to look outside fashion for inspiration. I always work with muses and story lines.

How long does it take?

I sketch ideas and designs all the time, and somewhere along the line it starts turning into a story and a proper collection. Sometimes a design goes through several versions, before I end up with the final design – often ideas from different sketches are merged into one design. The process is quite long, because I always leave the designs for a while so I can see them again with fresh mind and eyes before finalising it.

What are the most challenging materials to work with?

Cashmere! We do a lot of fine knit cashmere, because it is such a beautiful material to wear and it is perfect for layering. However, because it is so fine we always have to check that is can carry the weight of embellishment and buttons – which is not always the case.

How do you name your pieces?

The names have to fit the story line and the design. More often than not they are inspired by our muses, which I guess is why it tends to be female names. At the moment we have Mathilda, Gretha and Lela.

Who is the typical Asneh woman?

Asneh photoshoot Jan 2017 Nelou
Photo-Shooting Asneh, Photo: Asneh

She is independent, confident and quality conscious.

Every woman should have…

A cashmere scarf, a fine knit cashmere sweater and a heavy knit sweater or cardigan. These are very versatile pieces that can let you sail well-dressed and comfortable through a lot of situations. Good shoes are also always a good idea.

What are your spring must-haves?

Well, I’m looking forward to wearing the new Asneh designs and they do influence my additional shopping in terms of proportions and colours. For sure I want some waist sitting, ankle length trousers and if I could find a mid-length pink/fuchsia coloured skirt that would be heaven. Obviously, I’m quite fussy about the design and the material.

Any other exciting projects coming up?

We are working on a couple of different projects that would expand the brand, but it is all still early days and we are still in the testing phase so I cannot reveal too much at this point.

If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be?

Be kind, be mindful and be well-dressed ; 0 ).

Thank you for taking the time, Asneh!

Find all pieces designed by Asneh here.

Text: Vivien Bergelt