Berlin? Berlin!

One of the wonderful things about fashion is that it always mirrors the character of the place, where it’s happening. Fashion in Madrid, Paris, London or New York, in Milan or Rome – in each place  it has a different nuance.

And the differences not only show on an international level. So in the streets of Munich, people are dressed differently than e.g. in Frankfurt. And in Cologne there’s other trends as in Hamburg.

And then of course there’s Berlin…

Fashion in Berlin is loud, colorful, divers, ever changing, often shrill and very unadapted most of the time – like the city itself. The city-magazine ‘Der Tip’ once stated, that in Berlin every trend, every scene – and most probably every era – lives on in its own niche. We think that sums it up rather well. But then there are also the traces that have been left by all the different people from all over the world, who have been, and still are, shaping and changing Berlin.

And so we can see people on the streets around the nelou-Headquarter (in Berlin-Mitte…) every day, that make us ask if they’re still wearing it – or already… Or if what they’re wearing is fashion in the first place – or rather a piece of art??…

Fashionists in Berlin are characterized by courage, creativity, intransigence, and an instinct for things, that really hurt. I.e. – for things that are really different. There’s not a day in Berlin without this feeling. And all fashion-nerves are ringing alarm.

That’s why it’s great that Boris, the founder of nelou, relocated the nelou-office to Berlin. Because here at it’s important for us to show diversity, to be colorful and individual. And to have room for all the beautiful and various things our designers create. Not only in Berlin – but all around the world.

Text: Michael